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Meet Dr. Tahera English

Helping others is one of the creeds I’ve lived by throughout my 25-year career in the Armed Forces.  The military gave me the greatest opportunity to serve others and discover my purpose.  Although I learned the discipline of working out while serving in Iraq, it could not save me from experiencing the symptoms of hormonal imbalance that it caused.  By the time the stress of being deployed and leaving my children behind caught up to me, I was 30lbs. heavier, my hair was falling out, I woke up tired, and I was on anti-depressants- contemplating suicide. 

The anti-depressants made me feel like a zombie just watching my life go by.  On top of all of that, my menstrual cycles were so heavy I had to change my clothes every 2 hours.  The only options the doctor offered were birth control pills or have a hysterectomy.  I woke up one morning and asked myself: “Whose life was I living? I did not choose this for myself.  Why didn’t I know better? I’ve been through 8 years of nursing school and I worked out.  Why am I struggling with these issues?  Why are my patients grappling with the same issues?” 

Working in the traditional medical model only compounded my symptoms.  The stress of not being able to truly help my patients or myself led me to my discovery of functional medicine.

As a Lifestyle Medicine Nurse Practitioner, I guide people through the actions necessary for self-healing with healthy lifestyle changes.  It is my purpose to teach people about the body’s natural ability to destroy cancer cells, fight infection, fix damaged proteins, and combat aging with proper nutrition, exercise, and rest.

The Latin root of doctor means teacher and I wholeheartedly accept this role. Teaching and guiding you down the path of healing is my greatest passion. My mission is to help you become the best version of yourself.

This process will transform your health, help you establish sustainable habits, and you will feel better than you have in years. It’s time to take back ownership of your health. 

You deserve better!

Meet John Mitchell your Personal Trainer

This native Houstonian is an award-winning athlete and CEO of PHAT Body Sports training with a 28 year track record in personal training.  He has dedicated decades to perfecting his craft and empowering individuals to unlock their athletic potential.

Drawing from a wealth of experience and expertise, John designs personalized fitness programs tailored to meet the unique goals and aspirations of each client. Through a holistic approach that encompasses exercise science, nutrition, and motivational coaching.

Whether you’re striving to shed pounds, sculpt your physique, or simply improve your overall well-being, John is here to guide you on your journey.